YouTube iPhone Hack! | 10 Ridiculous Tech Gadgets

We found this little knockoff gadget online that claims to make YouTube better… so what exactly does it do?? Join Tanner and I today as we unbox 10 of the most ridiculous tech gadgets we could find, and let me know in the comments below which was your favorite! Found a product online you’d like […]

Mood Detecting EARS?! | 10 Ridiculous Tech Gadgets

No, you didn’t misread that – these cat ears actually read your brain waves and react based what emotion you’re feeling! Join me today as I put this hilarious (and potentially entertaining) gadget to the test, along with other unique tech gadgets we found! I hope you enjoy this episode, and let me know if […]

10 Ridiculous Tech Gadgets!

Today I unbox some of the craziest tech gadgets we could find, including this Wild Thing racing toy! Sure, it might have been designed for kids… but that won’t stop ME from putting it to the test and deciding if it’s TASTEFUL or WASTEFUL! Join me as I react to these hilarious products, so you […]

Gadget Earth

David Attenborough-pretender James Bareham explores the greatest gadget habitat on Earth: CES 2017. Subscribe: From the mating habits of drones to the evolution of rollies and the epic journey of a lost robot, prepare to see gadgets as never before. Check out our full video catalog: Visit our playlists: Like The Verge […]

7 Futuristic Gadgets available now* #8

Incredible!!! Those gadgets are just brilliant. Let us know in the comments below, which one is your pick? 7 Futuristic Gadgets available now #8 Link to our other playlist- Top 5 / Must Have Gadgets (New Video Every Wednesday)- —————————————-­­—————————————­-­——— Credits and links to products/projects- 0:07 OMO+ - 2:00 Pugz- 3:54 Smart Halo - 6:59 […]