Adult Jokes in Kids TV Shows

twitter: letterboxd: Joke explanations: SpongeBob (Intro) – Weiner (penis) blowing up (ejaculating) onto Mr Krabs’ face. Tom and Jerry – Jerry licks the cream (semen) from Tom’s long cream donut. As Tom gets ready to blow into the end, his eyes roll back (orgasm). He then squirts the cream onto Jerry (ejaculate). Postman […]

My Top 10 Adult Jokes in Kids TV Shows

Facebook: Letterboxd: My last Dirty/Adult Jokes video did very well and so I had to do another. It was hard not fill up every spot with Spongebob, Adventure TIme and Rocko’s Modern Life but I managed. I hope you like it and thanks for watching! Music: Mount Dreams – Home ft. Anatomy (Instrumental) […]

call of duty mw2 game review

souljaboysucks219 and lighting do a review on call of duty mw2 on xbox 360 this is first review from the reboot season this is season six of rmg Likes: 0 Viewed: 29 source

PT8O – Prank Call – PlayStation360

The guy kinda went along with what I said so I was getting annoyed lol. I’d tried this a few times before and got either hung up on or given the number to the repair section XD… -Weehuntz Alka’s Channel – My Channel – MW2 and Other Randoms – Epic Reviews – […]


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