Testing Car Theft Gadgets – Fifth Gear

Tim tries to break into/steal the license plate from/rob the catalytic converter of a car so you don’t have to.

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Comment (43)

  1. M8 if you want to steal a catalytic converter the real thieves use pipe cutters. So loud noise and much easier to use.

  2. most are welded on over time you can get fresh pickings from new cars aka bolt on ones it's like buying eggs you have to get them while they are fresh (unbolting them makes very little noise)

  3. Posh cunt had to say that at the end. Well hope they will steal your wife and fuck the bitch. Majority of people with good pay get 9 quid an hour a day. So 200 quid is well good you posh cunt but it's the hardest for you yeah. Hope you choke just like 5th gear did and die

  4. Another trick is to NOT steal the license plate, but instead just take a photo, and print it out using a laser printer, glue it too a sheet metal plate the same size as a real plate and you're good to go. tip don't forget to remove any unique features, such as stickers roof racks, bumps and scratches, and cover you're face, so it's impossible to identify. Anyone that deliberately drives through speed cameras and evades tolls for fun with another persons plates, will be investigated. The police will comb through thousands of hours of CCTV footage to get you're face or you're car. Eg say you stopped to get fuel or went to the shops, that car can be tracked by CCTV and even by satellite to see where it goes, investigators can see you get out of car, and track you through the shopping center using the CCTV, the very moment the disguise is removed, you're caught. If you use any bank or credit card to pay for anything linked to you're identity, you're caught also. If you keep offending, a police team will track the car and will come after you, the moment you offend or are spotted. So the stolen plates works provided you don't keep offending, with the same car, or plate.

  5. bad idea to have that plastic coating on the windows. emergency services wont be able to break in and get you out if there was an accident…

  6. I have a manual kill switch, an automatic kill switch, a steering wheel club, a wifi enabled "ring" camera, 3 english mastiffs and multiple assault rifles and semi auto pistols.
    God help the mope who tries to steal from me.

  7. For around £300 you can have some film fitted to your glass to protect against a thief stealing your £100 sat nav. Doesn't seem to add up right to me…

  8. Hahahahah. "If this turns up at a scrapper's, he'll see the number and know it's a stolen catalytic converter." Yeah, like that will make a lot of difference.


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