The Easiest Garlic Bread Recipe!

Fresh and flavorful, this homemade Garlic Bread is going to be the absolute best recipe you’ll make. Perfectly crispy edges with a soft buttery and garlicky center, you will not want the store-bought version ever again after your first bite. It’s fast, easy, and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. If you need a side dish that everyone can agree on, you have to make this easy garlic bread recipe.




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  1. HOLY SHIT…..5 mins for easy? Here ya go folks, 2 slices of bread in toaster, slather with butter then hit with garlic powder and salt to taste, then NUKE for 10 seconds and in less than 3 minutes you have tasty garlic bread and YES I HAVE DONE THIS FOR MANY friend's and family and ALL were STUNNED at how easy it was.

  2. Smoke Marlboros and drink Coors Banquet! I am 155 Lbs. At 5' 11". Same size I was in high school. 2 30 packs a week. I am 55 years old and never gained a pound. I also eat like an animal. 2 Large coffees with 10 sugars every morning. Pizza once or twice a week. Bacon and eggs every weekend.

  3. ..'Set your over to 350… Yes because the world speaks an outdated, backward system of measurement.. so over USA-centric videos that do NOT give measurements in what LITERALLY THE REST OF THE ENTIRE WORLD USES!!!

  4. I just made the garlic bread. I didn't have fresh Parmesan Cheese so I used the one in the container. The garlic bread is absolutely delicious and so easy to make. Thank you and God bless you…..😊

  5. What the hell is "Broil" temperature, and how about telling us upfront what 350F is in Centigrade, most of the non US world cooks in 21st Century temperatures…looks tasty though…👍🖖✊️

  6. I definitely would add the whole bulb of garlic to our garlic bread. I also just run my fingers, carefully, up and down my stainless steel knife to take away the garlic smell. You don't need to buy a special stainless steel "soap bar" to get rid of the smell. Anything stainless steel will work.

  7. Stainless steel for garlic or onion smells? Works great! I used my stainless steel sink, wet hands, wet sink and rub. And the sink was always there, never had to "put it away" when I was done deodorizing my hands.


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