The Most Expensive Foods In the World

The foods on this list take the saying, “putting your money where your mouth is” to a whole new level. One of most basic human instincts is to eat food. Depending on our food budget, we will either go crazy at the supermarket or replenish our food supply with rich and nutritious foods, or we will stock up on the ramen noodles and peanut butter if we’re on a tight budget. However, the life of the rich includes eating some of the finest foods in the world, and you can bet that they don’t come at a cheap price. In this video are some of the most expensive foods in the world, and you will find that the common denominator with all of these foods is that they are adorned with gold in some way. Edible gold has changed the food industry considerably, and has become an accessory to the dinner table.
The first food that will break your bank is Berco’s Million Dollar Popcorn. The treat is covered in butter from a Vermont creamery, Nielson Massey Bourbon Vanilla, Laseo salt from Denmark, and 23 karat gold flakes. If you don’t want to eat your money, the popcorn is certainly pretty to look upon. The price of this popcorn is $250 per gallon.
If you need something a little heartier, then check out Wagyu Beef. The beef is made from Japanese cattle who are massaged and fed sake and beer. The result is a beautiful marbling on the meat, and a high content of unsaturated fat. You can bet that a meal with this meat comes at a hefty price tag since it costs about $250 per pound.
Then we have the Golden Phoenix, which is a cupcake baked with Amedei Porcelana chocolate and vanilla beans from Uganda. The cupcake is then covered with a dusting of gold. The price ends up costing around $2,000 per cupcake.
But if you’re desiring something that is a bit more savory, then the Westin Bagel should definitely be on your list. The bagel is topped with white truffle cream cheese and a goji berry infused Riesling jelly and covered with edible gold flakes. Enjoying a bagel like this will hit your wallet at around $1,000 per bagel.
Finally, there is a wonderfully expensive sundae called The Golden Opulence, which is a $1,000 sundae made with Tahitian vanilla ice cream, covered in expensive chocolate, adorned with edible gold leaf, and served with a side of caviar. It is the ultimate splurge for any rich person as they enjoy the dessert under candlelight provided by Parisian candles.
Many people have a hard time seeing why someone should spend this much money on something that you’re just going to eat and digest. Enjoying any of the dishes on this list is purely an act of luxury and a demonstration of one’s wealth. There are more expensive foods where this list ends, so check out the video to see just how much people are willing to shell out for their food.

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  1. for real ur just eating odinary food but it just gold on it and the gold maybe not tasty and after digested ur just throwing ur money cuz u shited it or pooped ur poop and u wish u can sell ur poop cuz there is a gold on it but ur poop is still brown and no one believes u and ur wasting money

  2. AND I WOULD TRY ALL OF THESE—-FUCK WHAT PEOPLE SAY. Besides—all of the desserts let you keep the utensils as well—so you're really buying the diamonds and the gold spoon and the crystal goblet they come in….but if I want to buy it with my money, why should I have to justify it?

  3. people think people who actually buy these things are just wasteful, but the people buying this obviously have a crazy amount of money and don't know what to do with it. They are spending it and distributing their money into the economy, what would you have them do? Keep it? Think. money needs to be spent in a consumer society for it to work.


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