This cat shouldn’t have gotten in the bag…

This cat shouldn’t have gotten in the bag…

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  1. One thing I learned from growing up in a cat SPCA household, never leave plastic bags out with cats around. Cats will try to play with them, then freak out and sometimes choke themselves to death with plastic bags.

    But this made me LMFAO!

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  3. My cat did this but with the string of a helium balloon, he somehow got it stuck on his collar buckle then proceeded to rampage through the house running from the balloon he thought was chasing him until we caught him and unstick it from under the little hook that latched it. Now to this day he runs and hides when he sees balloons.

  4. I once bought sushi and was excited to eat it. It was in a bag and my cat got near it. The event in the video happened, this time with sushi flying everywhere. Needless to say I was devastated.

  5. My cat was obsessed with bags. She would put her head through the handhold, then bolt around the house with her cape. I was worried she would hang herself or suffocate, but she seem to be able to find the bags we hid.

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  7. He did an amazing job of tracking the cat through the shot.. in a sea of partially obscured lenses, blurry shots and what i can only describe as Parkinson’s patients you sir are a hero

  8. The same thing happened to a friend’s cat years ago when I was in the Army, except instead of a bag it was dog tags. We thought it would be cute to put them around the cat’s neck, but the sound freaked her out and she tore around the house with the dog tags jingling behind her.

  9. This happened once to my cat. Dad brought home chicken livers from Walmart in a plastic bag. Cat had gotten into the livers but stuck his head through one of the handles. I see him doing this (but not that his head is through the handle) and yell at him to get down. Cat jumps down, bag follows and the panic ensues. Cat runs all over the house, tossing chicken livers as he goes. Finally found him hiding under my parents’ bed with the bag still around his neck.

    For many years, if you would ruffle a plastic bag, he’d take off running.

  10. Had a very similar thing happen at a friend’s house once. The cat got its head through one of the handles and then obviously thought it was being chased by some mad, noisy, plastic creature. It just did frantic laps of the living room shitting absolutely everywhere.

  11. It’s a really bad idea to allow your animals to play with plastic bags. My friend had a dog who suffocated to death when she wasn’t there.

  12. we just moved a couple months ago. One of the first days, our cat was exploring his new digs and getting settled in. He did the exact same thing with the plastic bag that had his litter box scoop in it (we use one of the heavy duty metal bastards – well worth it btw). He took off around the house just like this, except with a metal scoop banging around behind him. Oh, did I mention he did this at 6 in the morning? Because it was 6 in the fucking morning.

  13. This happened to my cat once. Poor thing ripped some of its claws out as it sprinted in fear throughout the house, leaving a trail of cat piss the whole way.

  14. I used to live in a house with a circular floor pattern. I also had a wonderful black cat named Murphy, who just loved string. If he found a piece he would bring it to you to play with.

    One day I was making spaghetti, and I took a piece of spaghetti out to see if it was done. It was the perfect al dente, startchy and sticky. Murphy saw the spaghetti and just had to have it, standing up on two legs and stretching for it. I was busy getting a collander, and thought “oh, I’ll just drop this piece of spaghetti and let him find out it isn’t string”.

    Remember starchy and sticky? The spaghetti wrapped around his head and stuck to his fur. I have never seen a cat run so fast in my life, but he made seven complete circles around the house before I could corner him in the kitchen by closing the doors. He knocked down two bookshelves and four houseplants while attempting to escape the spaghetti, but couldn’t do it without assistance. I sometimes think had I not been there, he would have died of a heart attack. But then I think, had I not been there, the spaghetti would not have attacked in the first place.

    He only played with feathers after that. String always made his eyes get wide and he would retreat to another room.

  15. From the Ghastly Eyrie I can see to the ends of the world, and from this vantage point I declare with utter certainty that this cat is in the bag!

  16. My husband came home with a bouquet of mylar balloons that a coworker gave him for his birthday. The cat must’ve been fucking with them because next thing we see is the cat fully sprinting across the house with a bouquet of balloons attached to his back leg and therefore following closely behind him. It was hilarious, and the poor kitty must’ve been so spooked! He finally ducked for cover under a chair and dislodged the balloons.

  17. This happened to my cat once. But instead of scrambling about​ the house like this, she just quietly accepted her new life with a plastic bag around her neck. It was so sad.

  18. I love when you see cats with strings and a you attached or a bag. They freak the fuck out

    You let it go on too long they shit everywhere

  19. This happened to my wife’s cat. From then on the sound of rustling plastic would make him flip out. It’s was kinda mean but if he was doing something he wasn’t supposed to do I would just grab a plastic bag and shake it. Got him to stop jumping on the table.

  20. we used to have a game in college when we we’re really drunk called cat baggin. Just set up a bunch of paper and plastic bags on the floor so “picattiso” found find his way in… we each put a bet on one of the bags and the first one to pick the cat up in the bag you chose won… it was amazing.


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