Top 10 Dumbest Batman Gadgets

Top 10 Dumbest Batman Gadgets. For a Superhero who has no powers, Batman makes up for it with his vast number of gadgets at his disposal. But some of these gadgets that he uses are just plain weird and dumb.

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  1. He have Cryptonite ring because Superman gave him. And he have special box in his belt, and this belt protect him from radiation.

  2. i just remembered a weird gadget that appeared in a recent comic: a bat-translator…that allowed him to TALK TO BATS!
    ok, maybe he couldn't actually understand them, but he was able to use it to give them orders and make them attack his enemies, a gang of thugs working for Talia. (the daughter of Ra's Al Gul)

  3. Sasha I love you so much!! Especially that you said what all us women think … STOP WITH THE AXE BODY SPRAY!! It's repellant!!


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