Top 10 Latest Camping Gear Inventions I Best Camping Gadgets I

Top 10 Latest Camping Gear Inventions I Smart Camping Gadgets I

Best Camping Gadgets:

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Latest camping gear invention list:

1. Cinch Tent 16:09
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2. The Coolest Cooler 14:33
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3. The Lycan Powerbox 11:34
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4. Anker power house 10:29
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5. BioLite Base Lantern 08:38
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6. Flying Tent 06:37
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7. Zero Breeze 05:20
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8. The Muncher 03:13
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9. RinseKit Portable Shower 02:01
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10. Sparkr Light 00:12
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Comment (37)

  1. Great camping ideas. I enjoyed the video and wanted to check out some of the products on Amazon, but the links didn't work and I was connected to the wrong item. When I typed in the items on Amazon, they didn't exist. No thumbs down, as I enjoyed the video, whether I can use the items or not.

  2. As of July 31, 2017, the link you have for the Muncher takes you to this: SE KHK6320 Outdoor Tanto Knife with Fire Starter. And a search for it on Amazon gets me no results for it.

  3. How about some actual camping gear. Enough with the electronics and redesigned crap. Best thing to happen to camping in years is the Sawyer mini filter and Dyneema Composite fabric. All this stuff is heavy, overpriced garbage. Just like the "survival" gear out there

  4. I really loved the Zero Breeze idea – but, everyone was complaining on their website about defective or unusable product with no replacement or refunds yet. Great idea if it worked. Glad I checked first. People are Pis*ed. Yikes!

  5. Not everybody backpacks. Im a woman who wants to camp for a couple days at a time on weekends and I like the gadgets to make me feel more like home but with a better view.

  6. Anyone notice how most new gear is designed to be outside of your pack, too big for real pockets,and always come with heavy clips, or bags….this is for campground, the real gear we actually use is boring, but hey this one comes with a light and a whistle…..will you carry it for me?

  7. Top 10 zone is one of the best creators for tech video compilations , i actually created my channel called cool tech gadgets and news to show even more latest tech gadgets and news , come check it out and i will always follow back !


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