Top 10 Most Useless Gadgets Ever Created

From dogs sending tweets to machines that tan your feet, join us as we look at the most useless gadgets ever created.





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  1. If I would create a gadget it would be squirty glasses… So you fill them with cold water and whenever you get some chemical into your eye you put on the glasses and they squirt the water into your eyes… If the water is cold enough it will prevent chemical reaction…

  2. I would make some sort of shoe's that come with gloves the shoes front part would be able to stick to surfaces along with the gloves… I guess thats the first invention I've thought of that would be pretty useful in some ways. Probably not at home through

  3. what my invention would be i a drug call hyperseizure duration
    2 hours purpose and what problem it will solve is it would make u stop being lazy and will force u to jump around so u can lose weight but theres a catch and that is u must have a perscription from ur doctor so u wouldnt die by the drug and must wait till after 12 hours to use another pill

  4. I invent the (IWantToKillMySelf) it solves everythig just take a gun put the loadout in and make the hole direct to you're face and pull the TRIGGER

  5. #4 had me in TEARS! Not the product itself, but the commentary "….it's all the brown numbers, right?"
    Thakyou for the laugh!

  6. If I 'invented' something, it would be a giant robot spider.
    Because who doesn't like giant motherfucking robot spiders?

  7. That's a standard-sized container of milk in the U.S., my dude… Don't look at me like that. Canada keeps their milk in fucking bags!

  8. "Novelty sized" cartons? "Freakishly large" bottles? Uhm. Yeah. No. In the U.S., milk is commonly sold in gallon sized jugs. They are the most economical option.

  9. That gallon holder thing doesn't even sound that stupid. Have a kid that is old enough to fix their own cereals but not strong enough yet to hold the full gallon? Put it into that thing and reduce the spilled milk.

  10. Virtual Boy was literally unfinished. The guy designing the VB came into work one morning, only to find Nintendo had taken the proto design and put it into production without even asking him.

  11. "I'm watchin' your wife take a shower!"

    Given that most of us are in the habit of staring at them while they shit, and often point and laugh while they fuck, this seems more than fair. Side note: I've never known of a dog who gets sexually aroused at the sight of an idiot biped standing pointlessly under a stream of water (seeing as how dogs are naked all of the time), but if you're in possession of one, I'd be vastly more curious about you than I would be the dog…


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