Top 12 Coolest gadgets for iPhone – iPhone 7 accessories for 2016-2017

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Here we make a list of Top 10 new amazing tech inventions that will blow your mind. In this post you found some amazing gadgets and technology that makes your life awesome.

These are the top 10 Coolest iPhone 7 gadgets you should buy.

1. Popslate

2. Prynt

3. Smove–3#/

4. Ovrcharge

5. Universe Case System

6. Ollie

7.Loopy Case

8. Sentinel Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes iDroid Type iPhone Case

9.Asap Connect Charger –

10. amber – A Watchcase Power Bank for Apple Watch –

11. Pressy

12. Piece

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Comment (48)

  1. Maybe I missed something, but with Peace, do you need to carry your personal phone, work phone, AND peace? Just trying to understand how Peace can help me. Seems like I have to either carry my work phone or Peace. Might as well save my money and just carry my work phone. Unless, I misunderstood something in this video.

  2. Popslate, does fewer things that your phone usually does and on a crappier screen! That has to be a must buy right?

  3. So just get the pressy app and use ur headphones? Lmao that's like saying u don't have to buy it just google it and get it for free lmao

  4. wow , loving your design …. I have an Iphone 5se , do you have one for an Iphone 5se at all ? Ah ….., i see you do .. THX.

  5. Prynt: convert your iPhone 6 to Polaroid camera, just for $150… Cool, cranky, plastic case will bump out your phone glosseness and usability of its thikness!! Scratch ypur phone with every snap! But wait! There is more… order now and feel full Polaroid expirience! order uniq, highly overpriced photo paper packs and oil cartredges every week! Still not interested? Mechanical movement nature of this device will suck you phone battery like CRAAAZY!

  6. OMG, The thing that brought me here, @14:10 (the iDroid one with chinese writing) turned out to be about the dumbest
    thing I ever saw, GIANT OVERLAY CASE that pointlessly increases the size of small effecient buttons like 300%!

  7. Do you realize how I truly annoying this video is that thing makes absolutely no sense and I am so sick and tired of Apple iPhone crap

  8. Your video seriously makes me want to commit suicide where is the sound what is the point of your Gadget it makes no freaking sense

  9. why do I need a black and white screen on the back of my phone when Samsung can do it with the main high res rgb oled screen.

  10. I wish youtube had some way of reporting click baiting cock suckers. So fucking shitty when they have have a picture of something not in the video.

  11. Who cares about fucking apple? Come up with other OS platforms. Iph is for utter retarded peoples snd kids (retarded as well)

  12. 10:35
    and this is what happens when i dont have the money to file a patent
    some rich prick files one first and makes millions from it

    i thought of that idea years ago when the iphone 4 was new

  13. Popslate will be great until your looking at porn and your mum walks in and can see it giving you no chance to hide it

  14. FYI the levitating charger doesn't actually exist…not yet anyway. The developer says there are issues with the levitating feature. Lol.

  15. The iPhone 7 doesn't even have a headphone jack for that one accessory, and it doesn't need the stabilizer either because it already has one built it, lol ?

  16. I have a game called metal gear solid 5, the phantom pain and it uses that exact gadget on the front cover also known as an idroid


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