Top 5 – Computer Gadgets You Must Have

Watch Part 2 – . Subscribe now – New videos everyday – There are many futuristic gadgets available today for computers that we don’t know about, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered… Welcome to Qubimaxima, and today we are counting down our picks for the top five computer gadgets that you must have.
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Hub+ —-
Sliden’joy —-
Odin —
Zcan —-
Leap Motion —-
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Comment (45)

  1. Those Odin laser mouses don't really work properly – the technology is not ready yet and you'll just get frustrated.
    Scan wireless mouse: why? Do you really need this? No.
    Motion controller: try it: you'll be extremely frustrated. Great idea on paper, but doesn't really work – another technology that's not quite ready.

  2. I fucking fell off my chair laughing when that oding BS was told to be good for gamers, best shit I've heard all week, top KEK XD

  3. There's no gadget anyone MUST have; and why would anyone want to walk around with Megatrons head in their front pocket?

  4. Love the devices that make your compact portable laptop more of a pain to carry by adding extra shit…. And the "scanner mouse" thingy, WHO brings a mouse to the coffee shop??? LOL All fails.

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  7. Scan mouse is a good one thats about it, I can play with that for a while then strip it down when im bored lol


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