Today we take a look at my TOP 5 gadgets for architects. These are some tech that i found to be very useful and will definitely help any architect or architecture student out there save time!!

Also if you guys wanna see some awesome miniature models go checkout this channel-

Here are some of the items mentioned:
3d Printer
Laser Distance Meter
Cutter Plotter

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  1. Good. Now feature some surveying apps like Smart Tools to measure height and angles. Using Augmented reality also do a good job in getting initial measurements and areas. But these are for construction, what about that aid in designing? 3D print can only be as good if you can design good enough for its worth. I saw student wasting 3D printing boxes. Boxes which can be done manually faster than 3D printing. They still need to be good at scaled freehand design thinking, and to look for proportions. The gadget can only help, not be better at designing.

  2. Hi there! I been seriously thinking about becoming an architect in my early 30’s 😂 but I wanted to ask if you could recommend me a game or some type of test on the Internet that would tell me if I got what it takes to become an architect. I know is an odd question but I need help in deciding. 👍😎

  3. (If holding that distance measuring thing above your head to measure the distance to the ceiling, add the length of the distance measurer to the amount on the screen — or just hold the laser output level with the top of your head.)


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