Top 5 New Future Gadgets Coming in 2017

1.Insta360 Air

2. ChargEST: The World’s Most Advanced Travel Adapter

3. World’s first personal air conditioner – Evapolar

4. Eon Scooter – The Most Affordable Electric Scooter

5. Bonjour | Smart Alarm Clock with Artificial Intelligence

6. switchflip: flip your switch-controlled outlets

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Comment (20)

  1. so ok … there is one company leader … which is self-sufficient … and the workers? so they bring out these produkts, work on them … invent them … but they get the monthly salary while the company leader gets everything from the selled produkts?

  2. Switchflip is worthless. It's trying to fix an imaginary problem that doesn't exist.

    Most electrical switches control the lights above, not electrical outlets below the switch. An outlet that is switch from a switch might even be against Electrical Code, and therefore not allowed.

    Also, when you plug in something to an outlet it already gets power. The power is already on. There is no need for an additional switch. So, the commercial is creating a fake problem that doesn't exist in most houses or apartments.

    Plus, you can get timers with switch, and other switches for an outlet at most hardware stores. Just plug the timer with switch into that outlet.


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