Top 5 Photography Gadgets you Should Have

Amazing gadgets for every photographer…..

Pico Time Lapse
Capture Clip
Everyday Messenger
The Gnarbox
Petzval 58

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  1. swirly bokeh is optical defect or, if you like, artifical product of overcompensating spherical aberration. Don`t like it much. I think it`s crap.

  2. Crap video with gadgets you do not need, the lens is the biggest pile of rubbish I've seen yet. The bag is worse than most standard bags – add to that, they use some Vietnamese sweatshop to produce manafacturer it. This video is a waste of server space.

  3. 58mm…, swirly bokeh… sounds like a low quality copy of the Helios 44 to rip off some hipsters. Original lens design in 1840? Please. The photography as we know it today didn't even exist back then. You know bullshit when you hear it

  4. Seriously, ever heard something of WiFi Compatibility on Cameras?
    I‘ve been a "Photographer" (i do it as a Hobby But it wouldn‘t consider myself really a Professional Photographer) for 4 Years Now and These Gadgets are just straigt up stupid.

    The Button is something you can easily do on the Phone

    The Clip Thing is something no one in his life would ever Trust cause, i mean you‘re hanging there like 2000 Dollars on a little insecure Hook

    The Backpack is just a Bag Full of Gimmicks

    That Gnarlybox thing is a mir except you‘re shooting in raw, otherwise you‘d have to shoot line an Hour to get Tons of Gigabytes otherwise this makes like a little sense

    The lense is just straight up Stupid, cause nobody will want a swirrly Bokeh, and getting just normal Bokeh makes more Sense Looks better

  5. Really cool video! If anyone is looking for an amazing action camera to capture footage even better than a Go-Pro, use this link to get $25 off the new Revl action camera:

    Just give it a look, I promise there's no weird spam re-direct. The tech behind the camera is pretty genius in my opinion

  6. That garbage lens at the end will appeal to new Instagram users who got bored with the native IG filters and want new ways to shitty up their images. Same people who call themselves "photographers" and add "based in" to their idiotic descriptions while uploading average snapshots that prevent you from clicking the "Follow" button.

  7. Pico is obsolete as every new camera has in-camera time-lapse features and speedramp is easy af in post, the capture clip is pointless if you have a neck strap, camera bags are a dime a dozen, gnarbox is a ridiculous concept – why would it be easier to go through footage on a phone than on a laptop? And the petzval… god, any real photographer would prefer a real 50mm 1.4 that gives actual sharp images over a soft swirly bokeh gimmick. Title should be "5 photography gadgets you absolutely don't need"

  8. Sorry but it does not beet the bag I have planned but cannot find manufacture , I was told to take it to china. its like yours but has some extra and versatile diverse use. As I have been a diverse photographer used so many bags, But need something better. Can you help?

  9. -Pico is outdated as shit
    -The second thing makes no sense if you have a bag with you,id love to see a wildlife photographer hang a 600mill lens alongside his leg.
    -The everyday bag seems neat,apart from its bloody 250e pricetag
    -The gnarbox is str8 trash for its price.
    -that lens might be the worst lens ever created.


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