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We’ve got the best gadgets for your RV covered in this video!

With the help of Kyle and Olivia from Drivin’ and Vibin’ we pick the top 5 gadgets you need in your RV! Subscribe to Drivin’ and Vibin’ for tons of awesome videos on RV living, campground reviews and tips and tricks for the full time or casual RVer!

From cell phone signal boosters to keep your cell phone connected to rugged bluetooth speakers and solar power packs we’ve got it all. RV living will be much sweeter with these gadgets!

1. weBoost – Drive 4G-X – Cell Phone Signal Booster
The weBoost Drive 4G-X is a powerful cell phone signal booster which will allow you to stay connected wherever the road takes you. Whether you’re traveling down the highway or boondocking in the remote forest. A signal booster will provide you with a strong cellular signal and allow you to place calls, send texts and even speed up your data speeds. For more about weBoost signal boosters click here:
Check out the new Drive 4G-X RV:

Check out Drivin’ & Vibin’s review of the Drive 4G-X here!

2. Braven – BRV-X – Rugged Bluetooth Speaker
Braven Bluetooth speakers are rugged, waterproof and built to withstand whatever you can throw at them. The Braven BRV-X is the perfect companion for your RV. The BRV-X is waterproof, rugged and has a ton of great features to keep you playing music all day!

3. Goal Zero – Sherpa 100 – Solar Kit
The Goal Zero Sherpa 100 solar kit is a great tool for the RVer, camper or outdoor enthusiast. You can charge up your phone, tablet, laptop or almost any device you have with the Sherpa 100 and all from the power of the sun! The battery pack has USB, 12V and special laptop ports so charging your devices couldn’t be easier.

4. CoPilot RV – Navigation App
CoPilot RV is a great navigation app specifically designed for RVs. With custom setting for your particular RV you can create custom routes based on your preferences and vehicle. CoPilot RV also features easy to follow directions with actual signs and lanes making navigating complex intersections easy.

6. Rif6 – Cube – Portable Projector
Rif6 Cube is a tiny 2 inch projector that is small, light and easy to pack anywhere. But don’t let the tiny size fool you, the Rif6 Cube projects up to a huge 120 inch screen size, so you can watch movies, sports or share your photos larger than life! The small size is great too for RVers who have limited space.

Bonus. iBall – Wireless Backup Camera
For a bonus gadget we’ve included the iBall wireless backup camera. the iBall wireless hitch camera is easy to set up and take down and makes backing up a trailer or RV a breeze. This is an especially useful gadget for the solo traveler! The camera can communicate up to 50 feet away from the screen so this works well for even large RVs.

So that’s our list. Do you have a favorite gadget that you don’t see here? Let us know, we love learning about new gadgets!

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  1. WOW …how did I not see this earlier? Love the backup camera. I am a solo RVer, and this is a great camera to have. I trust Olivia and Kyle and if they say these products are good I'm in. The WeBoost we be great to have on board. And the Braven speaker I can't wait to order it.The Goal Zreo power pack will be a blessing to have. Love that it is so portable. The Co Pliot app will be a big help no more garmin poofaas! Thanks Olivia and Kyle for all the helpful info. Happy camping everyone. HI RIVER 🙂

  2. I'm really surprised you're peddling the CoPilot RV app over AllStays on iOS or RV Parky on Android. Both of these apps are far superior and cheaper to CoPilot as well as more accurate with more features. RV Parky is FREE as well!

    Edit: Ohhhh. At the end, Olivia looked a little uncomfortable while the WeBoost dude was talking. Must've entered a contract where you didn't have the creative content rights and you HAD to let WeBoost advertise what they wanted for this video. Sorry.


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