See these five amazing SPY GADGETS YOU CAN ACTUALLY BUY! Become like James Bond Agent 007. Including spy cameras,night vision, mini drones etc.


Sgnl: Make Phone Calls with Your Fingertip, literally. Sgnl is the smart strap that enables you to make calls by placing your fingertip on your ear. Connect with your watch to upgrade it.
Touch Your Sound
Sgnl is the smart strap to make calls with your fingertip touched on your ear. Pair Sgnl with your watch to make it smarter.
Sgnl is the smart strap that enables you to answer phone calls through your fingertip. Simply place your fingertip to your ear while speak through the embedded microphone. Replace your existing watch strap with Sgnl and you’re done, whether you wear a classic watch or an Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, or Pebble Time.
There’s no one who never lost their earphone in their lifetime. With Sgnl, you can keep your cell phone alone in your pocket and simply raise your hand to answer a phone call without carrying any extra headset or earphone. When you place your finger to your ear, your finger not only transmits the sound but it also blocks out background noise. So you can hear very clear voice in a loud places without worrying about other people listening in.

Snooperscope is the most exciting and professional portable Night Vision Scope for Smartphone and Tablets.
For Wildlife Observers, Hunting & Fishing, Airsoft, Ghost Hunters, Camping: discover a world hidden by darkness and experience wildlife at night like you never have before.
Capture amazing action in complete darkness with incredible movies and deliver in live streaming to your iPhone, iPad, Android device or laptop, without any internet connection or router. Compact and lightweight, with built-in battery and Wi-Fi, Snooperscope delivers clear images in complete darkness and colourful images in daylight, to provide you with the ideal portable monitoring solution.
With Snooperscope you can take snapshots and HD videos, capable of recording locally on your smartphone or store on a SDCard, without requiring a PC or network storage device.
Motion and sound activated, with the built-in microphone and speaker you can listen and talk as well view all the action. Simple setup and access to your scope from anywhere, no matter where you are.

ActSafe T1:
The ultimate power ascender for urban, marine and rescue operations
The T1-16 Assault Ascender has been specially developed and approved for use by the military, the police and government agencies.
The T1-16 Assault Ascender is designed for maximal endurance, it is water tight and optimized for very high speed and silent operation.
The maximum ascending speed is 100 meter/min and the descending speed is around 145 meter per minute.
High precision control allows accurate continuous speed control from 0 to 100 meters per minute. In addition the well balanced acceleration characteristics contribute to the very precise control of the ascender.
Speed and direction is controlled with one hand (left) only hence the operator always has one hand free.

Features & Technology:

Former World’s Smallest Quadcopter™ – 4cm x 4cm x 1.75cm
Ultra-Compact 2.4 gHz Controller & Docking Station: 10.75cm x 8.5cm x 2.8cm
Patent Pending Design Allows Drone to Charge while Docked INSIDE Controller
5-7 Minute Flight Time per 20 Minute Charge via Controller or USB Cable
3-Speeds Pre-programmed for Desired Level of Flight Sensitivity
6-Axis Gyro-Stabilization Keeps Drone Stable and Centered
360 Degree Rotational Yaw Allows Users to Seamlessly Adjust Orientation
Pre-programmed “Trick-Mode” Algorithm Provides Amazing Flips and Rolls!
Bright LED Colored Lights for Night Flight and Drone Orientation
Super Portable, Fun, Unique and a Great way to Practice Flying Drones!

It’s a wearable Camera
Blincam is a wearable camera that attaches to any pair of glasses. It lets you capture the moment instantly. Any moment, whatever you are seeing now, you’ll get it in blincam. All you have to do is just to give a wink, or a blink.
By using BLINCAM to snap photos of your children, you won’t get posed, unnatural photos — you can capture them in the candid moment.
BLINCAM is a tool designed to let you capture life as it happens.
While posed photos with the framing carefully planned are also nice, don’t you want to capture the world before you as you see it? This special camera is designed to let you capture those magic moments.

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  1. These items all hold the future for many people with disabilities on top of their "got to have it" whimsy the general public feels. I will never know why many of us LOVE new age gadgets. Tricky little objects with fantastic potentials of use in a way no average person would expect. It makes us feel like a distant cousin of James Bond. And, these little tiny flying drones that charge in their case.. do ALL drones have cameras now? Think of it. When they get down to the size of a little yellow butterfly all of us Baby Boomers saw as little kids, fluttering in our bigger than a quarter.. Taking THAT drone butterfly up high… at Wimbledon, or the Master's Golf Tournament. Or for faster events, a drone dragonfly following cyclists through the streets and winding turns of those events. Even boxing…a very small black drone hovering well up by the lighting beams..filming the greatest match ups. I did professional photography for over 20 years, winning some international awards for excellence. And if I had a photo-drone… I think I'd be inspired to get right back into it. Even traveling on my own, with my horses to remote regions in the grand canyon, the carved Indian homelands, or in the Badlands.. and so much more. These gadgets are opening up a world for EVERYONE, including those of us, including me, with major disabilities. Think of the one armed person who can answer a phone and hear it while out the girl who lost a partial limb to a shark. Awesome. All technology ALWAYS hold potential for those with less mobility or ability to do more than they ever thought they would or could. THANK YOU for showing us the trends available and where things are headed. It's fantastical. 🙂 Now if we can only keep up with all the names of these items!

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