Top 5 YouTubers HIDDEN IN TV SHOWS! (DanTDM, Jacksepticeye)

Top 5 YouTubers HIDDEN IN TV SHOWS! (DanTDM, Jacksepticeye) From Jacksepticeye to DanTDM, there are several kinds of youtubers in these tv shows. All of them were caught from smaller shows to Americas got talent! If you want more youtuber videos, SUBSCRIBE!

When we want to go and watch our favourite YouTubers, we kind of expect them to stay, well, on YouTube. Or at least on the internet, maybe on Twitter or Facebook. How weird would it be if you were just watching TV and a Nexus top 10 video came on during the commercials? Probably pretty weird. But I guess some people don’t see it like this, because there’s all sorts of sneaky cameos from your favourites on television. Watch this video to see the top 5 YouTubers hidden in TV shows.

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