Trolling in Flight Sim X Multiplayer

Trolling in Flight Sim X Multiplayer

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  1. I remember playing FSX as a kid, there is this extra piece of software you could install, making the online experience more “realistic” (vatsim).

    Had so much fun, until people started screaming that I could not move the plane without permission from the tower 🙁

    Great piece of software, people that are playing it are all very serious about it. Must be a perfect tool for new pilots our people who want to experience what it is like being a pilot.

  2. Can anyone tell me which flight sim platform/community is the best these days? I used FlightGear a lot in the past, but I presume the commercial stuff is better.

  3. *This is TOWER broadcasting to callsign ACEFIGHTER, we have determined that 10/4 is more than 10/5, the correct response would have been 10/3, please acknowledge.*

  4. This reminds me of these hilarious videos of this civil war reenactment game with this hilarious guy commanding his squad. Fuck I wish I could find those videos they were SO funny. Dont know what the game was called either.


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