Two Ways To Cook Mussels

What’s the only thing better than an epic mussels recipe? TWO epic mussels recipes! Be sure to check out the full weights and measurements for these recipes in the links below.

Rockafella Mussels Recipe:
Bourbon Mussels Recipe:

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  1. I always cook mussels on the barbie until they open and put a dollop of garlic butter in the middle and let it melt ? You Guys gotta try some Paua and Whitebait fritters when you come to New Zealand soon ?

  2. "Rockefeller style" would refer to oysters Rockefeller, invented at Antoine's in New Orleans in 1899 by Jules Alciatore, son of the restaurant's founder, Antoine Alciatore. They were so called because they were rich and covered in green. The recipe is still a closely guarded secret, but it is often imitated.

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  4. I noticed a lemon and it reminds me of a very useful technique. You use tongs, and with half a lemon, you set it face down, put that half lemon between the tongs. Then you hold them with one hand on each end, then squeeze it out. it could use for 1 to 3 times at most, but it helps without accidentally gripping the lemon too hard and to find yourself not feeling it for a moment or two lol.

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