Undercover at Smithfield Foods (2012 Webby Award Winner)

An investigator from The Humane Society of the United States documented the suffering endured by female breeding pigs held in severely restrictive gestation crates on a factory farm operated by a subsidiary of Smithfield Foods, the world’s largest pork producer.
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  1. sad thing is pigs are just as smart as dogs there social animals w great intelligence. they feel fear pain death its disgusting this happens in out country.and nothing has changed.we all need to study where our meat comes from and just stop buying.but only thing people care about is celeberty news.like what there wearing and who's the new celeb couple all the BS that means absolutely nothing.I am sick of it.I want to help exposing factory farms.if anyone is on the same page and has info on how I can help please hit me up.

  2. idk this kinda cruelty with the animals actually brings tears to my face.I'm not a heaven I do eat meat on occasions. But I hunt my own meat and do it as human and painless as possible. but these animals specially pigs are smart even smarter than dogs there social animals and can fear death fear being trapped and how there abused and beaten for no reason.not to mention there still alive when they stick a hook into them carry em to the scalding take to burn off all the fur.imagine being tossed into a 200°tank that can melt the fat off your bones.and there not supposed to be alive during this.show when that done.still hanging goes in a line to slit there throats which also doesn't kill then in secs.sometimes they don't even bother and make these animals go through excruciating pain just so us assholes can enjoy some bacon.I want to help but don't know where to start if anyone knows anything on how to help out w results please hmu

  3. if you're a vegetarian you do realize if you don't have MEAT where the MAJORITY of your nutrients come from your gonna die a lot sooner. yeah veggies and other shit might have iron in it and the same shit but not as much as meat does. why should animals live luxurious if they're on a slaughter house? we gotta eat one way or another people. stop being fucking pussys

  4. Ask where and what they do with the waste from those pigs. At one “facility”, there is literally a lake of urine and they pump it into the air to water the grass and also goes so far that it RAINS urine in a poor community where their homes, clothes (from washing) are saturated. Disgusting!!

  5. You have to really be a heartless bastard to run a company or even work for a company that does this to any animal.
    Smithfield company, you seriously have a lot to answer for, you're a greedy company that clearly runs an inhumane business that really deserves to be fined and then banned from the food industry.
    You truly are the evil garbage of mankind.
    It's one thing to raise animals for food in a humane way, let them run, exercise and live a good life before the slaughter process.
    It's another to brutally torture an animal it's whole life. Doing that not only is animal abuse, brutality, torture and utterly heartless and evil. But the health of the animal is very poor so the animal really is unhealthy for human consumption also.
    You guys really do suck at life.
    How anyone can do this and not have an ounce of compassion is beyond me.

  6. It’s the food chain. They would get eaten in the wild too. Survival of the fittest. By us farming, animals won’t have to constantly be taken from the wild to feed humans. Sure you can say “eat veggies” but it takes a lot more veggies to satisfy food needs then a pig. In reality, food demand is too high for every one to go vegan at this point. Plants couldn’t sustain the demand

  7. if I had a choice to stop people killing pigs I would because I know that pigs they're actually very special what did they do to us even though they're mean for good food who cares about the food we all really and that we have other food too and now I hope that people could stop drinks cuz I have did nothing wrong and now I feel like what if that happened to you


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