Video game locations

Let’s see if you can identify all twenty-six video game locations in this animated quiz.

Created by Tim Hijlkema

Music by Lars Erik Fjosne

Additional music by Arslan Qureshi

Vocals by Rafael Ignaccio Gallegos
Harmonica by Alrik Jan Fallet
Guitars by Arslan Qureshi

Think you know everything about video games? Let’s see you guess all these twenty-six video game locations! To make it just a bit easier, they’re all in alphabetical order. If you’re stuck; the cheat sheet can be found below!


Armadillo — Red Dead Redemption
Bullworth academy — Bully/Canem canis edit
City 17 — Half Life 2
Dunwall city — Dishonored
Empire city — Mafia II
Facility — Goldeneye 007
Granary — Team Fortress 2
Hyrule — Zelda series
Illium — Mass Effect 2
Jerusalem — Assassin’s Creed
Kingdom of Zeal — Chrono trigger
Little Lamplight — Fallout 3
Mushroom castle — Mario series
New Eden Mall — Mirror’s Edge
Oakvale — Fable series
Panau — Just Cause 2
Qeynos — EverQuest II
Rapture — Bioshock series
Steelport — Saints Row the third
Tamriel — The Elder Scrolls series
USG Ishimura — Dead Space
Vice City — Grand Theft Auto series
Wake Island — Battlefield series
Xen — Half Life series
Yen Sid’s tower — Kingdom Hearts series
Zangarmarsh — World of Warcraft

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