Warning, If You Do Not Have Extra Food You Will Suffer As Famine & Food Shortage 2022 Starts

Warning, If You Do Not Have Extra Food You Will Suffer As Famine & Food Shortage 2022 Starts. Not only do we have a supply chain breakdown but now a baby formula shortage. Prepare now before SHTF!
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Comment (26)

  1. New sub here. I agree, stockpile foods. Buy extra meats. Buy anything that grows in the ground including all cotton products. No one is going to be able to afford the fuels to truck delivery goods to stores.
    When the food is gone, it is gone. Don’t entrust your families future that the goods will always be there.

  2. As I read through the comments, I see people think this is a cycle. This is just going to get worse peoples! How do I know this? The Bible says so and it’s only going to pick up speed. Zephaniah 1:14, 2 Peter 3:12 and Satan himself knows his time is short revelation 12:12. Man thinks he can solve it so they are accelerating 2030 plan by United Nations. All this at the same time spells chaos to the highest degree!

  3. Said the truckers are being laid off is what it said on the news this morning I think this guy had something going on he knew something so there's going to be a trucker shortage is what the deal is and with the trucker shortage I mean our stuff isn't going to get where it needs to go and then food could actually rot if it doesn't get where it needs to go on time and so on so yeah there could be a shortage on everything

  4. I'm sitting here prepping my Mylar bags with sugar, flour, pasta, etc. and adding them to my previous stash, I've been prepping for a few years now and I am very prepared as well. I also have printed out my recipes in case the internet goes down or the power grid. My family doesn't even realize what I'm doing but when the SHTF happens, they will be taken care of and thank me!

  5. A famine is unlikely. There may be shortages of certain types of food and people will have to supplement. I personally think the reason why our food prices are going up is because our culture values working at food plants lowly. It used to be that kids would work on farms during the harvest season when school was out. That’s just not happening anymore, we have to bus in workers from other countries to work the jobs. Nobody wants to do the dirty work that is food production in western countries and food prices should rise to increase pay to attract local workers. The solution to shortages is to increase prices, which applies to labour prices too.

  6. This food shortage that wacky peppers keep talking about is BS. They're fueling a fake panic for views. Also they are directly responsible for motivating hording, which they can then use as "evidence" of shortages. It's a big circle jerk.

  7. No way! If I run out of food I am going to all the strip clubs in my town. It’s $3 to get in and all you can eat. Guys go there all the time and sit and eat lunch and dinner 😂

  8. Isn't peanut butter a very common survival food? If so what about emptying shelves of the most favorite brand Jiff? By recall! Are all types of protein going to be gone by recall? Didn't bother them taking away innocent babies formula!

  9. Sorry but i gotta say something here.

    Your "facts" are not facts. An history repeats certainly here. There is no food shortage and you have it 100% back to front. How do you make more profit in economic negative trends? Say theres a shortage contextual to the negative trends.

    ie. Food shortage from unfilled jobs, trucking issues, crop issues, fertiliser issues, pest/disease, inflation, wars, whatever fits at the time; a good disaster will never go wasted.

    An average of 7.9 tons of food was wasted in Australia the last finacial year, up on year prior, that year up on previous and so on. Basic essentials up 0-10% on last year. Some down 2-4%. On average 60% of food items will go on sale 20-60% atleast once a month.

    Productive farming land (excludes meat/fish/poultry) is up 3% world wide. Fish/crayfish/oyster farming up 6%. Poultry meat/eggs stable.

    Your ideology has been used for thousands of years and sometime through history, it has been correct. But reality is always evident and backed up by real world facts.

    Those facts to name a few of a hundred – big chains have weekly/monthly sales still = plenty of supply.

    Big chains have no implementation of (what they require) perfect foods. Note: upto 60% of some fruits/vegetable are thrown out or salvaged via other routes by farmers simply because they are not the "right" size, shape, colour, etc.

    Food has (by a huge margin) seen the least price increase over the past 24 months when compared to other necessities eg. New cars, housing including renting, electricity, insurances including private health, a hair cut, oil and gas including basic petroleums, shoes, kitchen utensils.

    The more you read and watch the side of "reality" you think, the more you will deny and see the truth.


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