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Weird Boiled Egg Maker ‘Dream Land’.

Gudetama Pudding Maker

Automatic Takoyaki Machine

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  1. polluting eggs by putting it in a plastic utensils…and cooking with it…!!!! Just boil an egg and eat…. all these equipment looks great…but they simply poisoning our food… no need of these plastic craps…

  2. The timer used in this video is  made in JAPAN.  The timer is called Candy House Kitchen Timer and can be purchased on Amazon for less than 20.00 if you have PRIME.  Takes a couple of weeks to arrive since it's mailed direct to you from Japan.  Hope this helps those that are looking to purchase.  I thought the timer was better than the egg shaper.  I just purchased mine.  You can also find on Ebay for about a dollar more than AMAZON.


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