What is Genetically Modified Food?

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  1. I don't get it, they go on and on about all the things they do to the food to genetically modify it… to have traits that are more beneficial to us. They say all of it as if it's a bad thing. _;

    This is why I actively support GMO food and shake my head every time I hear people and commercials bashing it out of hand and/or saying completely nonsensical things about it. (Like that one argument that GMO food will modify your own DNA when you eat it. Just… wut?)

  2. yeah that's cool and all but why didn't they use a greenshouse?
    wait a second… if the gmo-carrot grows as straight as a ramrod and the tomatoes won't go bad if frozen… does that mean they want to freeze the tomatoes to stick them up their arses as loveballs? O.O
    as well as the straight-as-a-ramrod carrot???
    AHA one-percent monsanto people I found out about your little weird fetishes!!
    do you still sell these things after you used them? that would explain the crippled babys with funny heads, i suppose the got assburgers – shame on you!

  3. Why do companies use genetically modified food to reduce crop depletion (as mentioned in video) if they are not yielding more successful crops over organic production? (also mentioned in video)

  4. bacteria dont invade cells. they just use up resources around them and change their environment when a population is reached. Also, if invading a cell is bad every time a cell takes in oxygen or food or chemicals (including free radicals to communicate and water), its bad for the cell, which it is clearly not. BTW bacteria like the ones in the video exists all around us and is usually taken into your body through everything everyday, if you have an immune system you will be fine. pesticides in plants are extremely common in nature, the plants that produce herbicides and pesticides survived better and ruled out the others(natural selection), thus this trait spread all over the plant kingdom, however this pesticides and herbicides are really effective against insects but not against humans. So really, do not hate gmo, agriculture REQUIRES it and every single organism produced by sexual reproduction is a gmo and most bacteria is as well(bacteria goes up to a dying bacteria and grabs genes from it).So in conclusion, GM is not bad, it is like a tool, either used for intentions of good, or the acts of bad.GMO is life(literally), without it, we would all be caynobacteria right now.

  5. Seriously read the ACTUAL scientific meta study done by Klumper and Quaim, they found a 39.8% DECREASE in pesticide use, a 20% INCREASE in yield and 60% INCREASE in famer profit so fuck off anti GMO hippies

  6. What is GMO? Well… it is more than bad $cience creating a multiplier effect for the current 21st Century cancer epidemic. GMO is clever demon technology designed to profit from genocide!

    Old Coyote Knose that GMO frankinfood crops will inevitably destroy the original DNA sequence of all fauna and flora on the planet. Again! This is pure raw evil… and those that endorse and promote GMO frankinfood technology are misanthropic psychopaths. Demon people.

    Yeah! Old Coyote Knose the ugly truth.


  7. She didn't mention that the fish tomato didn't work and was never produced.
    Tools used to make genetically modified foods aren't in the food itself. The cell will heal itself and produce new cells with the new DNA. They don't have the ability to infect other cells in the same way they were modified.
    There's no credible study that found GMOs produce less food. If that were true, GMOs wouldn't be so popular. There's a reason why 85+% of our food is GMO.
    This video is extremely misleading and dishonest.

  8. This is very exaggerated and the EU still uses modified organisms, and they artificially select and modify the organism anyways. it's called ARTIFICIAL SELECTION !

  9. If GMO's are so great, then why do Russia and the European Union not think so?
    Do they know something we don't? Are they more informed?
    Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev recently announced that Russia will no longer import GMO products, stating that the nation has enough space, and enough resources to produce organic food.

    European Union one step closer to law on national GMO crop bans.
    Members of the European Parliament on November 11 backed a plan to allow nations to ban genetically modified crops on their soil, even if they are given approval to be grown in the European Union, raising the chance their use will remain limited on the continent.

  10. Our County's voters passed a law a few months ago banning ALL G.M.O. crops from being grown within the county. This ballot measure was submitted just under the wire when our elected politicians in Salem Oregon voted in a law forbidding any law within our State for banning G.M.O. Now I wonder who sponsored that bill in our legislature. Unfortunately, the county next door also passed a law by landslide to ban G.M.O. in their county but it could not become law due to the fact that their ballot measure did not reach the Secretary of States Office by the deadline before our legislators passed a law forbidding it. Is your state legislature looking our for the will of the people or the will of massive corporations?

  11. OMG she needs to do some real research here. BT engineered crops don't fume out pesticides but instead is inside the plant and only kills insects that eats the plant. Having said that it is not harmful to humans or other animals because like many biological toxins they are highly specific and the molecule only becomes activated in basic environment (stomachs of insects) hence the acidic environment in our stomachs will not be affected. 

  12. Wow!  The tomato experiment didn't work.  We don't have frost resistant tomatoes.  This the most UNscientific video I have seen.   We already share about a third of our genetic material with corn plants, and this smoke and mirrors simplification is using scare tactics on people not educated enough to understand what is being done in the lab.  Too bad the speaker didn't take a biotechnology course or two before launching out on a crusade of ignorance.

    As for the diabetes comment, diabetic patients die, and the families can ASSUME the cause was the insulin, but if that were medically true the insulin would not still be in circulation.  Careful research with the insulin before releasing it to the market showed clearly that the insulin was SAFE.  In fact it is so safe that it is also being used on our pets.  I do wish these "activists" would find a more productive use of their time such as becoming educated on topics before opening their mouths.

  13. That's right, you heard it here! Diabetics, you're probably better off not using that insulin after all… it might kill you!! Better to die in a coma…. it's GMO free!


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