What’s the story with VLC?

What’s the story with VLC?

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  1. The best video software available on the internet is open source and free.

    People who say copyright or capitalism are necessary are just pieces of shit.

    Capitalism is what forces these people to take a “real job” while preventing them from working on their real passions: Making good products for all people to enjoy for free.

  2. It’s disappointing that this video explains what open software like VLC is, but doesn’t tell the story of VLC, that is, how it came in and became a much better alternative to Windows Media Player, RealPlayer and the like. It overruled the region restrictions of DVD players and offered a much more lightweight platform to view videos on.

  3. I just upgraded to windows 10. and noticed the default win 10 video player looks so much better. The Black on VLC looks like a whitish black, where as the Win 10 one actually looks black. Does anybody know why this is? and is there a way to change VLC to look better? as I can’t use Subs with Win 10 player.
    Here’s an example. Win 10 on top, and Vlc bottom http://imgur.com/pDC2oao
    Thanks 😀

  4. My go to video player for 12+ years now. It’s like one of the first things I download when I get a fresh install of Windows done.

  5. VLC isn’t what it used to be. Other players such as MPC-HC have surpassed it in terms of modern features and performance. I have an i7 4770k at 4.5 GHz and can’t even play 4k h265 files with VLC without stuttering, but they run just fine in MPC-HC.

  6. I wish the Android audio player was stronger in vlc. Can’t even sort a multi disc album in track order, despite the name and meta data being totally obvious. Like sort ascending is a difficult task…

  7. Great tips for VLC that I did not know that I will use now:
    1. Converting videos from one file type to another
    2. Saving videos from online
    3. Recording parts of videos playing on VLC

    The video goes into more tips that are slightly less cool, but damn tip 2 is especially going to be great.

  8. I ditched VLC for MPC-HC a while ago. VLC kept gettings slower with every update for some reason and I just didn’t like how it felt. So I found MPC-HC and I’m pretty happy with it.

  9. Everything about this video was refreshingly unpretentious and innocent. The editing was simple and the guy is self aware and down to earth. Solid video 5/7.

  10. recently some of my go pro footage would not play, not in any of the regular players or editing software. my only ski footage of 2017. tried online for days to try and rescue it, tried pretty much everything… nothing worked.

    dropped the files in VLC which ~I had forgotten about and they all played first time and there was a way to export from vlc to create a file I could edit in adobe.

  11. I have been using VLC since like 2002 or something. It’s like an old friend. Love the fact that the guy is doing it non-profit. Great dude.


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