White Bedroom, CGI artwork

Full project (Including work-in-progress, screenshots and all renders) on Behance:


Our first full 3D animation. Please watch in FlashPlayer only, for correct brightness and color.

Classic apartment with modern furniture custom modeled by us in 3ds Max, Marvelous Designer and Zbrush. Rendered with Vray.
This scene focused on high-end cloth asset creations of furniture in MarvelousDesigner. The tutorial for the bed came out in February 3dArtist magazine ( http://www.3dartistonline.com/ ).

We are small digital boutique oriented towards marketing contemporary architecture and development.

Follow our work on Facebook blog: http://www.facebook.com/jurajtalcik.visualizations or Behance http://www.behance.net/jurajtalcik and http://www.behance.net/veronikademovicova

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