Why knights fought snails in medieval art

Why knights fought snails in medieval art

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  1. Game of Thrones related trivia. There is a prequel series to the books that the HBO show is based on. In the series the protagonist’s first real tournament opponent is a guy named Underleaf with a snail on his shield. He’s also described by the main character as more merchant than knight, though he does thoroughly trounce our hero in their joust. Martin is apparently a huge history buff and has a specific penchant for illuminated texts, so he was likely fully aware of this.

  2. I thought it might have go do with snails eating paper. The only true adversary the pagelings have is the snail, so they’re constantly fighting it to preserve the authors work.

  3. Anybody know the spelling of that thing he mentioned at the end? I’ve tried all kinds of weird combinations (Grillis, Grylis, Gryls etc) but I can’t find anything about it.

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  5. The big problem I have with videos like this is simply that they take up 5 minutes of your time rather inexpertly trying to explain something that you can read for yourself in 20 seconds.

    They could have done something really interesting with this, as visual imagery *was* the common social language of the day, not written Latin or French.

  6. What is this manner of speaking that is so popular on youtube nowadays? The drawl, the long pause between words, excessive emphasis… It’s nothing but annoying. I know about vocal fry, but none of the names of the others.

  7. Oooooh so it was a form of racism. Cool ?. Seriously, It really is cool to know that now. Not cool that it’s racism. Like I don’t condone that at all. Snails are wonderful creatures. I have lots of friends that are snails.


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