Woman throws a glove to get a British Royal Guard to retrieve it for her. Woman gets shamed.

Woman throws a glove to get a British Royal Guard to retrieve it for her. Woman gets shamed.

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  1. It’s always fun to see the guards freak out on people, but I really liked the calm chiding by the Beefeater.

    “Why would you do that? He’s a soldier serving his country, protecting the Crown Jewels.”

    And then he follows them, and looks like he signaled someone else to come with him. That’s the most civil way I’ve seen someone told to fuck off.

  2. So what does the stomping of his foot mean? Is it like a “Hey im pissed you better back up” thing? Or was it just for show along with the moving of the rifle? I always see videos of royal guards but dont get the stomping or the movement of the rifle… Thanks in advance <3

  3. With other videos of the Queen’s Guards being disrespected by tourists, I feel this is quite typical of popular Western countries like Britain. That aspects of their tradition or culture are openly mocked. They don’t get cultural sensitivity from others. I’d wager that most of those mocking the Queen’s Guards for example would never do the same with some cultural curiosity in say, Japan, or Egypt or whatever.

  4. See, when I’m rude I’m just rude. But when British people are mean…. they’re nice *and* mean. Total mindfuck for me.

    You can’t even disrespect the guy who’s calling you out on your bullshit. It’s making me reconsider how I should call people out in the future.

    If I’m nice *and* mean, I can keep focus on the topic, rather than becoming the topic. Really blowin my mind right now.

  5. You’d think the Orthodox Jew of all people would know what it’s like to be treated and looked upon like a joke by other people. But nope, just keep quiet and let her disrespect the guard.

  6. I wouldn’t do that in a Zoo. Why would she think this is an acceptable thing to do to *humans*? “Here, guardy-guardy-guardy, fetch my glove, gooooood boy! Have a snack!”

  7. I never understood why people bother these guards so much. Like Jesus they’re human beings trying to do their job. Quit bothering them and poking them like they’re animals in a cage

  8. When I was in Paris. I saw an American light his cigarette off of the Eternal Flame underneath the Arc de Triomphe and three French guards/ police slammed to the ground and pointed the automatic weapons at him. It was pretty satisfying to see that.


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