you’re with me for every song // Amanda + Nygel

in all the years of filming weddings, this one was my first that i attended as a guest. I grew up with Nygel back in Midland, Ontario. we’ve always been very close friends. there were times he lived at our house and we’de play video games (the good old days of Sega Master System) through the night in the fort out back with an extension cord being the only thing connecting us to the rest of the world. growing up in Canada, road hockey was a favorite year round. it was very special to be able to take the day and share it with Amanda and Nygel as a guest, to be in the wedding party and really take things in from the other side. i won’t say it wasn’t tough seeing Ray, Joyce, Paul, and Evan shooting and not wanting to grab a camera. there were even a couple moments i couldn’t resist and had to share some ideas or see how things were going.

after years of shooting weddings i was surprised at just how much i learned from this one. we’ll save that for another blog post in the near future. with that, we’de love to share Amanda’s and Nygel’s film (and my on camera debut as a wedding guest 🙂


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