10 Amazing Pocket Gadgets You Must Carry!!

10 Amazing Pocket Gadgets You Must Carry!!

10 Titanium HEX 1 https://www.rigiddesignco.com/products
9 KeyMAX G5 https://creativetvads.wixsite.com/ti-comb-mulit-tool

8 B-2 BOMBER Nano Blade http://www.bomberco.com/
7 INFINITY CUBE https://www.bastiongear.com/
6 Hooky Keychain http://www.hookykeychain.com/
5 Tk-TUK https://tacticalkeychains.com/
4 Keysmart https://getkeysmart.com/
3 MSTR KEY https://mstrmndcollective.com/
2 Weather Point 2 http://www.mindlabsolution.com/
1 PMK – Paracord Magnet Keychain https://www.arktypedesign.com/

Thumbnail- Jackfish Survival credit card holder-https://www.jackfishsurvival.com/

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Comment (47)

  1. I love how I have yet to watch any of this genre of video and buy something…like every single fucking time it's overpriced shit that just makes life more complicated.

  2. Nowt you can't get from a pound shop in UK or dollar store in USA or whatever store any where else most people I know improvise for most of the items

  3. You know, I carry a swiss army knife. It never fails to amaze me how many pocket tools I don't need at all.

  4. I'm sure l will survive just fine without buying this shit, incase of emergencies l will just use my Mastercard

  5. #2 It's 'aluminum' not Al you minium, British turd. New Apple phone doesn't have a headphone jack either.

  6. A rock on a piece of string is a pretty good weather forecaster. If it's wet, it's raining, if it casts a shadow, it's sunny, and if moves when you hold it up, it is windy. If it's hot, it's a summer's day, and if it's cold, it's probably winter. If it's white it is snowing !! 🙂

  7. The last two are the only ones that aren't completely pointless if you carry a leatherman around everyday and even then they are a moot point

  8. @Chop Busters, please do not link to Jackfish. The kickstarter was a scam and none of us have the product or a refund, over a year late and the creator has stopped all communication for months and months now. Don't want anyone else to get sucked in.

  9. Hhhmmm urmmm hummmm er er ummmnnn too many word whiskers dude.. Work out a script as errrr nothing is hhhhhmmmm more annoying.

  10. Wow youtube. I never thought that when I hovered over a thumbnail that I would be reminded of a certain time when I use to browse Pornhub. Is youtube straight ripping from a Porn site. Good guy youtube steals ideas from Porn.

  11. dude .. the guy with the Exacto blade and all the umm umm umm umm umm and oh i forgot oh i forgot oh i forgot.. stop clearing your throat in my fucking ears I got headphones on man., daaaaamn.. hitting your head talking snapping the blade nonmother-fuckin stop click click click click click click click click u like that..ha? CLEANUP

  12. Been there, done that with #10. Bits get lost fast. #9's more like it, wish I'd have owned one in college, when bike and shank's mare is how I got around. #8 is just a flint and a small knife, no news to a Scout – and NOT inspired by the B-2. Ladies, there are more more interesting things to play with than #7…. #6 is a nice idea, but a visual aid for pickpockets.

  13. #5 lets you cut the bottoms out of your pockets with with no effort at all, if all you have is four keys, then the problem #4 solves goes away WITHOUT #4, I like #3 – set China to making pieces of metal notched to tighten your bike up and open things and everyone's happy, #2's a cute hack that's not a real weather forecaster, and #1 is just unnecessary.

  14. Lmao the folding key thing is so dumb… are you tried of having too many keys jiggling around? How about getting rid of all those keys! And also buying this! Will it fit all those keys? No. Why use it when you could just not carry all 50 keys at once? Fuck you that's why!


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