20 Minute Recipes With Gordon Ramsay

Here are a few quick, deliciously simple recipes that you can make in 20 minutes.

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  1. Just to remmind you that you did that one year ago actually you did’it Gordonnnn you are the man just in 20 mins all that stuff mmm

  2. Deep down he seems to be a really nice dude, I wouldn't mind to have him as a father😂 Only if I don't want to become a chef lol, that would be too stressful

  3. beef+olive oil
    ginger+brown sugar+chili+spring onion+sesemi oil+garlic+fish sauce (low heat)
    add beef and lemon juice and zest
    sause: brown suger+soy sauce+olive and sesemi oil+fish sauce+chili
    wrap and done

  4. i've got beautiful recipe books!!! from jamaican rum banana frittas bbc good food mini simple one cook recipe book to dragon sushi rolls in the complete book of sushi just waiting for those special days to help me have beautiful meals!!!


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