BIG BRINJAL | Fried Baingan Recipe | Brinjal Tawa Fry Recipe Cooking in Village | Eggplant Recipe

Today in our village, we cook Fried baingan recipe using big-sized brinjal. First, we sliced the brinjal then we apply special masala and fried it in a big tawa with traditionally made gingelly oil.

We use traditional special Chettinad masala to fry this eggplant. We use the rest of the brinjal pieces to cook brinjal curry.

The taste is delicious!

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  1. बनाने के लिये जंगल ही मिलता है आप लोगो को सामने वाला तो भैरा है अजिब से चिल्ला के बोलते हो साऊथ फिल्म मे जगह मिल तो गया आप को


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