Chef John's Top 25 Recipes of All Time | 2022 Chef John-a-thon!

Hello Food Wishers! Chef John’s Corporate Overlords here with our very first Chef John-a-thon featuring Chef John’s Top 25 recipes of all time! From Tzatziki to Falafel to Nashville Hot Chicken, Chef John has shared all different kinds of dishes with us. Relive some of your favorite Food Wishes recipes (and discover new ones!) with a countdown spanning over 14 years of videos that have received more than 130 MILLION views and counting! Whether it’s Lasagna, Fried Chicken, or the perfect Grilled Cheese you’re looking for, Chef John has just the viral video for you!

Tzatziki Sauce:

Scotch Eggs:

Tom Jefferson’s Mac and Cheese:


Garlic Ginger Chicken Wings:

Greek Lemon Chicken & Potatoes:

Dutch Baby:

Nashville Hot Chicken:

Twice Baked Potatoes:


Cottage Fries:

Your First Turkey:

Best Macaroni Salad Ever:

Pizza Sauce:

Classic Potato Pancakes:

Garlic Shrimp:

Perfect Prime Rib:

French Omelette:

Buttermilk Fried Chicken:

Crispy Onion Rings:

Fondant Potatoes:

Garlic Spaghetti:


Pita Bread:

Inside-Out Grilled Cheese Sandwich:

00:00 Tzatziki Sauce
5:37 Scotch Eggs
13:33 Tom Jefferson’s Mac and Cheese
18:35 Shakshuka
26:36 Garlic Ginger Chicken Wings
30:54 Greek Lemon Chicken & Potatoes
37:09 Dutch Baby
42:03 Nashville Hot Chicken
52:21 Twice Baked Potatoes
57:27 Falafel
1:03:38 Cottage Fries
1:07:26 Your First Turkey
1:12:30 Best Macaroni Salad Ever
1:19:24 Pizza Sauce
1:23:44 Classic Potato Pancakes
1:27:01 Garlic Shrimp
1:31:32 Perfect Prime Rib
1:36:45 French Omelette
1:42:43 Buttermilk Fried Chicken
1:46:43 Crispy Onion Rings
1:50:05 Fondant Potatoes
1:55:13 Garlic Spaghetti
1:58:26 Lasagna
2:04:32 Pita Bread
2:11:10 Inside-Out Grilled Cheese Sandwich

New Year’s Day 2022 Chef John-a-thon! | Top 25 Recipes

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Comment (36)

  1. This is ALMOST my tzatziki recipe! Except I hang my Krema full fat Greek yogurt in a cheese cloth or a clean linen tea towel and then salt my shredded garden cukes for an hour or so then squeeze the juices out of my cucumbers in the same linen tea towel.
    I Collect maybe two leaves of fresh mint and a LOT of fresh dill from the garden , chopped finely, and with a good solid squige of a 1/2 of a fresh lemon…or lime …if you want to live dangerously…..

  2. 1:03:42 Try making the Cottage Fries with leftover potatoes cooked with a pot roast, so they're penetrated with the beef flavor, the spices & the other vegetables you used to make the pot roast, or use the leftover potatoes cubed to make the BEST Home Fries.

  3. Gave up lamb years ago for humanitarian reasons. Still can't part with my pork yet. Pork souvlaki with tazaiki sauce is just as good. TY Chef, for the ez sauce recipe.

  4. I have made this many times! I didn't have time to clarify the butter but it came out just as good! I have topped it off with raspberries and whipped cream! Blueberries are good too! Don't forget a sprinkle of powdered sugar! You can go for cinnamon sugar too, or maple syrup. If you want to get fancy you can sauté a medium ripe banana and raisins with peach brandy, cook for ten minutes and pour over the Dutch baby! You really bring out our creativity!😊

  5. Love your videos,as these are edited and filmed beautifully, tossed in with bits of history, sprinkled, with generous amounts of seasoned humor! "In your face, ENGLAND!" LOL! 😎♥️🥘👨‍🍳

  6. Without doubt your the best on you tube you should have your own tv show, great bit of cooking on here and not at all complicated, I don't often copy other peoples recipes but I do follow yours. well done JOHN MANY THANKS. just to let you know im in Wales uk.

  7. My adult daughter and I watch your videos over a meal together and if there's ever a question about a recipe we are cooking we filter it through your channel first to get your take first. As always, we Enjoy. Happy New Year to you.

  8. Nothing upsets me more than a broken egg 😂😂😂
    Thank you so much for this wonderful video. I'm on Youtube Premium so I could download it 🏆🏆🏆👏👏👏

  9. Your cooking time for scotch eggs is off by 4 mins I followed the recipe and my yolks ended up hard boiled, I lowered the steam.time.4 mins with a 5 mins pork, oil fry they came out on the runny and picture perfect


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