Dinner 200 years ago |1807 Mac n' Cheese| Historical ASMR Cooking

Beef steak pie, mustard greens, and a dish that bears a striking resemblance to what we’d now call macaroni and cheese. See how food has changed while we show you how meals were prepared by those who came before us.

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  1. I’ve never seen mustard greens cooked like that before it looked good though! I usually boil mine with some smoked meat. Smoked turkey tails or smoked ham hocks and of course corn bread on the side!😊

  2. Although this is a well worked out documentary on a day in the life of cooking in 1807, more real life happenstances are unfortunately missing. Almost a robotic use of this fine woman of the age. She could almost be AI but of course she is not but the setting makes it seem this way. I'm hoping that in future episodes that some real human nature is added and not just at the end where she is happy with the turn out of the food prepared. Although activity was at a minimum there was some and probably should be introduced. Even Women in this scenario by themselves were not silent. Just some thoughts.

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  4. Justine, you’re messy and dirty when comes to cook! You don’t even clean the pots that are hanging on your wall!
    Most likely they are dusty and gross! You think it leads off the parts and throw it on the ash and then you put it back it’s kind of gross at least flip to the other side so they can get ashes all over the food!


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