The KIDS Story is TRAGIC! – Cooking Companions DLC

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15 Fast Food Desserts AMERICA WISHED They Had

List of the top 15 fast food desserts America wished they had. Most popular fast food dessert items from around the world. United States isn’t the only country that offers some irresistible fast food desserts. ➡️ SUBSCRIBE to BabbleTop! It’s almost impossible to leave a fast food restaurant without grabbing a little dessert. A sweet […]

Suji Aloo Snacks Recipe | Semolina Potato Snacks | Suji Nashta Recipe | N'Oven

#aloosnacks #sujisnacks Suji Aloo Snacks Recipe | Semolina Potato Snacks | Suji Nashta Recipe | N’Oven INGREDIENTS & PROCESS: 1 Tbsp Oil 1 Tspn Cumin ½ Cup Semolina/ Suji Roast For 2 Min. ½ Tspn Salt 1 Cup Water Cook Until Separate from the Pan Cool Down For 5 Min. ¼ Cup Flour Mix Well […]

I'M THE GREATEST CHEF | Cooking Simulator

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Try Guys Test The Craziest Recipes On TikTok

We’re back and ready to be WOW’d with these amazing TikTok recipes and food hacks! Which of these tricks do you think is craziest, coolest, or most useful? Did we miss any of your TikTok favs? Drop more in the comments below! Are you a business looking to work with The Try Guys? Reach out […]

Lego Japanese Breakfast – Lego In Real Life 11 / Stop Motion Cooking & ASMR

Hello I’m tomosteen. My cooking steps in this video are First, cook the rice. Then bake the salmon. Then we cook the eggs in the Japanese way. When I finished making the miso soup, the salmon was cooked just right. This video is a stop motion animation created using many photos. I don’t actually cook […]


How’s it going Dazzlers? Welcome BACK to Daz Games, and we’re back with a classic! You’ve all been screaming, yelling, begging me to come back to Cooking Simulator. Well here we are, I got another video of this very popular game you all know and love just for you here, THIS TIME IN VR. Don’t […]


EBOOKS SOCIAL MEDIA: CONTACT: All bowls serve 2 JERK & HONEY SALMON BOWL Salmon: 2 salmon fillets 1 ½ tsp jerk seasoning (will vary depending on spice of blend) 2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil ½ tsp. honey 1 tsp. garlic powder sea salt & black pepper Avocado & mango salsa: 1 mango 1 […]

LADY FINGER FRY | Spicy Okra Recipe Cooking with Eggs | Village Style Okra Recipe | Cooking Okra

Today we cook 30KG Okra. We made this okra recipe with adding eggs to make village style okra fry recipe. In my village, we call this lady’s finger recipe as vendakkai porial. This okra fry recipe is a very simple and easy method, everyone can try in your home. Finally, we eat okra with sambar […]