10 Great Kitchen Gadgets You Need in Your Kitchen

In this video, you will see 10 great cooking gadgets you will need in your home kitchen. Most of these cooking utensils are very useful.

The gadgets are shown in this video are:

1. Pan lid gadget http://geni.us/podlidholder
2. Kiwi scooper tool
3. Avocado scooper tool http://geni.us/dOt8
4. Collapsible colander http://geni.us/tp0S
5. Bear claw gadget http://geni.us/meatclaws
6. Magnetic clamps gadget http://geni.us/hZ9zpO4
7. Soap foam dispenser http://geni.us/g53pyZ
8. Potato chip maker microwave gadget http://geni.us/00DZ8H
9. Clear Ice Gadgets
spheres: http://geni.us/sphereice
cubes. http://geni.us/cubesice
10. Poached egg gadget http://geni.us/eggpoacher

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Comment (28)

  1. What worried me is the clear ice cube maker. "You should NEVER ingest distilled water, unless you want to end up with bursting cells" is what my chemistry teacher preached. So seeing this worried me (and sure, seeing as it's supposed to melt slower you ingest less of it, but still).
    But according to a science magazine's article I found online, when you drink it it gets mixed with minerals in your stomach acid and the food in your stomach, so it shouldn't be too bad if you drink just one glass.

  2. Considering you speak of all these different ways of doing things as being solutions to the “annoying” problem of this or that, I don’t believe you would actually use several of these. They look very time-consuming.

  3. Why did you it the first soap dispenser in the dish washer? 1 you could have done it by hand, 2 it is a soap dispenser. It shouldn't get that dirty.

  4. The bear claws (that is what they are called) were invented to pull pork with effectively and much quicker than using two forks. They're basically like forks on steroids…. ☺️

  5. I bought a bigger and much cheaper microwave chips maker (stand) on aliexpress. It does not have the little mandolin, but I have several things that does the job, including a mandolin and good chef's knife. I love mine, fantastic how you can make that yummy chips with no oil! I add NO oil, just spices… YUM!


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