48 Hours in Taiwan: Food Paradise

We spent 48 hours in Taipei, Taiwan, and ate everything we could possibly find, and – let me say – holy crap, were we ever surprised with how amazing food in Taiwan is.

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Comment (23)

  1. I'm going to Taiwan next month and I'm so excited to try their food! This is my first time going to an Asian country so it will also be my first time trying authentic Asian food. Can't wait!!!

  2. Fruit is alright, but if you live here more than a year, your health deteriorates. It's not a healthy food. Taste and sauce VS health. Ingredients are limited.

  3. If you stay in Taiwan a little longer than two days, you'll realize that one food scandal is chasing the next. Unless you fancy gutter oil, dioxin laden eggs or other chemicals in your meal (combined with virtually zero hygiene standards), don't call Taiwan a food paradise.

  4. Great video! I have to say, Taiwan is big and you only see a small part of the iceberg! There are still many delicious and different types of cuisines in other part of Taiwan; I really hope you can come back again and try them all !!

  5. Hi Simon and Martina,
    I am a huge fan of your vlogs. It is really great to see that you had a great time and hope you will have the chance to come a gain, because you missed out a lot of other delicious food including fresh goat and kettle meet dishes from the south. Taiwanese pork stew buns, which are like the Taiwanese Hamburgers, and I am sure I could continue further on. For sure looking forward to your future vlogs and let me and your Taiwanese fans know when you'll visit us again.




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