5 Amazing Survival Gadgets You Need To See

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5 Amazing Survival Gadgets You Need To See

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01- The SEVENTY2 : http://igg.me/at/THESEVENTY2/x
02- Sparkr : http://goo.gl/ACpuaK
03- MS5 Motion Grade : http://www.MotionGrade.com
04- Jackfish : http://www.jackfishsurvival.com
05- the FlashTorch Mini : http://www.wickedlasers.com/torchmini

01- The SEVENTY2 : The world’s smartest survival kit.
Designed by survival experts to give you everything you need to make it through an emergency.
95% of emergency situations are resolved in the first 72 hours, but what you do in those first 72 hours can mean the difference between life and death.
02- Sparkr | Fire & Light in One
With a windproof plasma lighter on one end & a flashlight on the other, the Sparkr & Sparkr mini are unique, multi-functional tools.
03- MS5 Everyday Carry Survival Kit. Don’t Be Caught Unprepared.
EDC – Every day Carry Elegant kit packed with gear. Compact and Concealed. For Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Hunting & Outdoor enthusiasts
04- Jackfish Survival credit card holder
Jackfish is an indestructible super slim card holder containing essential everyday tools.
05- FlashTorch Mini Firestarter Flashlight
40% smaller than the FlashTorch, the FlashTorch Mini is the world’s smallest burning flashlight that is capable of producing an incredible 2300 lumens of intense white light. Use this power to guide your way home, light a fire, or even fry an egg! Why illuminate when you can incinerate?

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Comment (36)

  1. the Seventy2 is pretty amazing. throw in the jackfish and the flashtorch and you've got a pretty damn good kit.

  2. so they chose the cheapest survival tools on amazon and ebay and stuck them together to make a kit to re sell for more

  3. you idiots shouldn't be showing people the WRONG WAY to strike a ferro rod. You NEVER compromise the knife edge especially in a survival situation.

  4. Just what every nuclear, zombie, apocalypse survivor needs. All I need is to carry this bag around with me every where I go. Think it will be noticed under my suit?

  5. I want to buy flash torch mini the same wich your showen in the video can you please help me whear I get it n how

  6. I am a eighty six year old grandfather, but id would turkey slap both of you young teenagers! Thats right, id slap my big old cock across your faces. You would wake up from a nap with pale old hairy nuts in your mouthes. If you wake up damp dreaming about being in a sticky blizzard, its possible you have been drenched in my cum. Sprayed in your eyes perhaps. Well all the best and ill fist you when the sandman comes.

  7. The first one can keep you alive. for the other four you have to be a pro with lots of backround Knowledge about survival….

  8. A mask that filters out 99% of everything in the air still wont give you extra oxygen so it wont work for example a smoke filled building

  9. I think it needed you to guys ever served in the military this is just sad you should need a flotation device a firearm and hatchet magnesium MRA's and bleach would fix everyone of your items for trade

  10. Nasa waist milions of dolars for a pan that right in space russion was smarter they take pencil

  11. How comes only rich ass people will survive all servival equipment is more than $100 i mean i have brought it upon myself to find an easy fast solution to make a good survival kit for less than 50

  12. This was great, been searching for "wild survival guide" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Ryanzon Survival Genie – (search on google ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my buddy got amazing success with it.


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