5 Vintage Gadgets Put to the Test – Part 2

1st – Vintage Ice Crusher Hand Press Kitchen Gadget 1950s
2nd – Vintage Wire Egg Basket 1970s
3rd – Vintage English Tea Strainer, Infuser Ball by Nutstown, Victorian Made in England 1960s
4th – Vintage Androck Hand Mixer/Beater 1920’s-1930’s
5th – Vaughan’s Safety Roll Jr. Can Opener, 1920’s

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Comment (41)

  1. I have a few vintage kitchen tools, including en egg beater and mixer, two can openers plus one you plug in, a 20+ year old blender, 25+ year old phosphor display microwave oven.

  2. the "mixer" is actually an egg beater lol but i guess you can use it that way to that friggin can opener works better than any you can buy today and its friggin from the 1920's!!! awesome!!!

  3. I like all of them, i would definitely like to crush my ice though and turn some juice into a slushy by dumping lots of crushed ice into it.

  4. These old gadgets seem to work as good or even better that the new plastic stuff. Durability definitely has it.

  5. sorry but i got to laughing about the can opener – my grandmother had all this stuff and its how i learned to cook ,
    ty for the joy of laughter


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