Apple Watch Vs Fitbit Ionic – The Gadget Show

It’s the battle of the smart watches with The Apple Watch series 3 and the Fitbit Ionic

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  1. What a wasted opportunity! Inaccuracy of tracking is a complete deal breaker, since that's really the raison detre of these gadgets. Not actually measuring it when you've gone to such lengths to review the items is singularly idiotic. instead of faffing about the accuracy of the pulse measurements for instance, why dissent you simply measure the pulse to check ? Jeez, the sheer stupidity!

  2. You can actually just click the power button and the Digital Crown at the same time to pause then later unlock the water and end the workout

  3. I don't think the Apple Watch is so much better that it's worth locking yourself into Apple's ecosystem for. It definitely looks and feels better in my opinion, and if you get the non-cellular version then it's not much more expensive either, but in terms of features you're not really getting much more. Apple watch has more apps at the moment, but it's also been out longer. Developers will start making more for Fitbit soon enough, just like how it took a little while for developers to catch up with Android apps in the early smartphone days.

    One of the biggest differences is compatibility. Of course, if you love your iPhone then by all means go with the Apple Watch. But if you switch off like me then I'm not going to tie myself down like that, and I don't want to worry about having to sell it later because it's not compatible with my next phone. And if you love Android then obviously the Apple watch isn't an option, but it's not like you're really missing out on much.

    THE biggest deciding factor in my opinion is battery life, and the Fitbit totally creams the Apple watch in this category. I'd hate to have to charge my watch every night in order to be able to use it the next day. It's just one more thing that you have to worry about. If I go camping for a couple nights, I don't have to worry about bringing a charger with me. Fitbit lasts long enough that this isn't an issue.

  4. contrary to what they say here I think the Apple Watch over estimated the calorie burn during the swim, we usually do, the fitbit seems more realistic, I've compared fitbit to garmin and they both usually agree

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