ASMR Cooking in my ASMR Kitchen / Tasty Salmon

Hello and welcome to my ASMR kitchen! In this video for you ASMR cooking sounds and the watching my attempt to make a tasty salmon appetizer. I don’t know how to cook quickly and beautifully, and I don’t know many delicious recipes, but I know how to give you some triggers for ASMR tingles, because when I watch ASMR cooking video, except a huge appetite and copious salivation, I get much pleasant ASMR tingles. I hope you will enjoy it too. But If after a hard day you don’t have the strength to watch this video just put your headphones, close your eyes, lean back, and whisper “yessss” ;))

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About the channel ASMR Mania English:
ASMR videos in English with an accent. ASMR Whisper and relaxing role play. ASMR Relaxation and sleep. ASMR Whispering ear to ear, tapping and scratching. Soothing and calming. Relaxing videos soft spoken and relaxing voice for sleep. ASMR Binaural sound 3d.
I love create relaxing video ASMR role play and whisper or just soft spoken for relaxation and sleep, which can help people having insomnia or a stress, and also for trigger ASMR tingles.


Sorry for my English 🙂

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