Banned Episodes From Popular TV Shows

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As television evolves into strange, new places, the regulation regime that once governed every word and inch of skin on the boob tube is letting their standards slip. Still, standards are different all around the world. An innocent friendship between a sponge and a starfish might seem fine on US TV, but that goofy camaraderie was enough to limit the broadcast of Spongebob Squarepants to very specific hours in China. And that’s just one example. Here are a few more banned episodes from popular TV shows…

201 – South Park | 0:29
Boston – Aqua Teen Hunger Force | 1:36
Barbequor – Dial M For Monkey | 3:03
Elephant Issues – Tiny Toon Adventures | 4:46
Mister Skinnylegs – Peppa Pig | 5:52
Electric Soldier Porygon – Pokemon | 7:10
22 Episodes in Mississippi – Sesame Street | 8:27
Patterns of Force – Star Trek | 9:37
The High Ground – Star Trek: The Next Generation | 10:49
Earshot – Buffy the Vampire Slayer | 12:11
Home – The X-Files | 13:09

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