Best Cool Gadgets Under $20 – March 2017

A new series on my channel where i will show you the best tech that you could buy for under $20. Anything that turns on or could be used with some tech could be featured in this video.
Gearbest’s 3rd Anniversary Promotion:
1. Magnetic Levitation Globe
Find it at Gearbest: –

2. SQ8 Mini DV Camera
Find it at Gearbest: –

3. SW08 Smart Watch
Find it at Gearbest: –

4. GEN GAME S5 Controller
Find it at Gearbest: –

5. CP-GP01 360 Panning Timelapse
Find it at Gearbest: –

No.1 F2 Smart Watch Review:

Check out the Best Cool Gadgets Under $20 – February 2017 video:

In this video you can see a very quick review for the C Shape Magnetic levitation globe, SQ8 Mini DV Camera, SW08 Smartwatch, GEN Game S5 Bluetooth Controller and the CP-GP01 360 Panning timelapse maker.

The Video Gear i use:
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Comment (42)

  1. Hi there, could you tell me what one is correct ,on Gerbest. Web site the No.1 F2 has a 550mah battery and has Bluetooth 4.3 ,and the SW08 says it has a 50 mah, battery and Bluetooth 4.4 and last one year and the other last 2 years and they have the same battery the CR2450. Great video.

  2. the cell allure cool 5.5 is on Amazon used for $35 that might be a good review
    I'm considering picking one up

  3. the background music makes me want to kill myself… please never use t again I've heard it at least 1 thousand times

  4. what is the best but cheap mic i can use with my desktop pc? ? can you make a video about USB microphones?

  5. Loved the video quality, it was on par with the tech channels i already watch. I thought it was well set up and ive never seen any of these before. Earned a sub! Just not the average happy music though… 😉

  6. What about an adaptor that make all phones charge wireless. There are some that you can buy with a wireless charging pad that are very cheap


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