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Brian Hubel is a unique furniture maker who works out of his studio in Colorado Springs. I have been fortunate to have had the chance to film Brian at work, and to see and enjoy many pieces from the furniture he creates. This short video very briefly tells the story of him at work, and showcases a few of his pieces.

This video is the first of four that I am creating for Brian Hubel. It is intended for use as a quick introduction to him and his work. As I’m updating this, the second video (the interview with Brian) has been posted at , and the third (a journey through the building of a Hubel piece of furniture), has also been created at The fourth video, the showcase of some of Brian’s finished pieces, is forthcoming.

Find out more about Brian Hubel’s work at

Again, this was shot with the fantastic Nikon D800, using a whole mess of different Nikkor lenses. I edited it in Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5.5.

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