Cat desperately tries to save its human from drowning

Cat desperately tries to save its human from drowning

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  1. I barely slept last night, I had a long and seriously terrible day at work, and I’ve been drinking for about an hour now. I thought I was gonna get through today without crying but I was wrong. That cat is terrified and it just hit me like a sack of bricks.

    Yeah, I’m a dude.

  2. My cat has his own version of this too. I always assumed he thought the shower was like a portal to hell that I visited every morning, or more rationally I thought he felt that I was closing a door on him(shower curtain). He doesn’t like doors to be shut between us. However, I never really made the connection that maybe it is out of empathy.

  3. legitimate question: is that actually what is going on here? because I’ve taken baths with my cat in the room and he has freaked out, though less dramatically than this. basically new just scratches at me. but this is for sure a common thing in cat behavior.

  4. So I have seen sibling cats try to “save” the other one from a “dangerous” situation like the vet office. Cats view us as their colony mates and if raised with someone from a very young age, may view their human as kin. Cats are social creatures and they do form close bonds. I know my cat gets very excited and will race around the house when I come home, and insists on sleeping with or near me every night. Cats are pretty great and I think can be just as loyal and loving as dogs.

  5. I went on a 3 month trip once. When I got home, our next door neighbour’s cat, usually quite a cool character but always one happy to hang out in our garden, was so affectionate and vocal. I’m fairly sure he was pleased to see I hadn’t died after all.

  6. I was thinking “god this I going to be cute”. Then I saw the legitimate terror in that felines eyes. There was a shift from when the cat was pulling her and when she got back in. I am not ammused.

  7. If this happened to me I would be a little freaked out that my cat is using its weird animal sixth sense to alert me to some real danger.

    Like maybe the water is radioactive. Or there’s an earthquake about to hit. Or there’s a gas leak in the house.


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