I Tested 3 Viral TikTok Vegan Asian Recipes

Are you ready to put these viral recipes through the ultimate test? Follow Jasmine as she tries 3 deliciously iconic TikTok vegan Asian recipes including Bubble Potato Pillows, Vegan Unagi Don, and Pepper Flower Mushrooms. Which one will you be trying at home?

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Bubble Potato Pillows:
Vegan Unagi Don:
Salt And Pepper Flower Mushrooms:

00:00 Intro
00:35 Bubble Potatoes
01:22 Potato Cutting Hack
02:00 Cook Potatoes
02:10 Peel Potatoes
02:22 Cut
02:36 Mash with Garlic Press
03:04 Add Dry Ingredients
03:28 Knead
03:38 Shape
04:16 Fry Time!
05:18 Season
05:33 Bubble Potato Taste Test
05:55 Vegan Unagi Don
06:30 Prep Eggplant
07:48 Pan Fry
08:42 Make the Sauce
09:08 Plate
09:18 Taste Test
09:40 Salt and Pepper Mushrooms
10:26 Cut Mushrooms
11:40 Cook Mushrooms
12:23 Add Mushroom to Cornstarch Mixture
12:43 Fry
13:30 Dry Rub
13:46 Add Mushrooms
14:22 Taste Test
14:48 Final Results

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Comment (39)

  1. Eggplant don't taste really that good of steamed. However, if it is fried or grilled, it would taste richer and more delicious just as we do in the Philippines. We never steam the eggplants. We grill and fry them.

  2. They sell potato ricers we always use it when we make „Kartoffelknödel“ or basically potato dumplings. It’s almost the same thing you did but we press the potato than make a dough and than boil it you mostly eat it with roast meat. So delicious. We always eat it on Christmas

  3. I’m so happy to learn a new recipe from you! I appreciate your skill, talent and passion. Never stop learning and growing. Never stop teaching and sharing. I love teaching new recipes to others on my channel too. We are so fortunate to be able to learn from each other while sharing our passion for cooking and grow our YouTube channels!!


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