Judging ONE POT Recipes

Had some catchung up to do lol
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You guys were asking for longer videos — Trust me, I can TALK hahaha You rock! ¡Nos vemos la próxima vezzzz!
One Pot Orzo:

Halloumi Bake:

Zucchini & Lemon Risotto:

One Pot Quinoa:


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  1. I just enjoy watching Naomi and you talking about anything food. And I don't know if anyone said this – but I love your shirt. 💛 It makes me think of the spongebob background of the flowers in the ocean.

  2. we have a thing in Egypt called Shorbet A'ads Asfr (yellow lentil soup). its 1 cup of yellow lentils, one red onion (or white but preferably red), one potato, one large carrot and one tomatos, three garlic cloves.. it doesnt matter how you cut it since itll all be blended anyway.make sure you wash the lentils really well. add everything in a pot then cover them with about a cup and half of water.make sure to check on it every once in while because the lentils can drink up the water and burn. let it boil until the potatoes are soft and the lentils have cooked. once its cooked, blend it to your preference. if its thick add water. we like toasting (preferably with ghee) some cut up tradional egyptian bread but you can use pita bread. (ADD SALT AND PEPPER TO TASTE) hope you enjoy !!

  3. "15 minutes + the amount it takes you to prepare all of the ingredients", I FELT that 🤣. Honestly, every time I'm trying new recipes it takes me like half a day, lol. Because chopping the vegetables, meat and preparing the rest of the ingredients takes forever, more than the cooking itself 🤦🏻‍♀️.

  4. Ich erspähte ein deutsches Produkt in diesem Video. Da ich also nicht auf mein schlechtes Englisch zurückgreifen muss, kann ich auch diesen Kommentar dalassen, um dir zu sagen, dass du wirklich eine tolle Persönlichkeit hast und es erstaunlich spannend ist dir zuzuschaun 😊.


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