Kodi – TV Shows – Library Part 1

This is how I added the TV Shows library to my Raspberry Pi running Kodi.

In this case, I am adding a folder containing Science related TV series to my TV Shows library in Kodi. As noted in an earlier video, you need to add folders containing a single type of programming at a time to Kodi.

I keep all my media libraries on my Synology DiskStation NAS and use it’s “Video Station” application to manage all the video content under one main folder.

In a following video, I’ll cover some of the aspects of the stringent folder and file naming conventions you need to follow in order for this to work as shown, so stay tuned for that.

But if you follow those guidelines, the metadata scrapers in Kodi will go out and find the related information to the video you are adding to the library. That includes cover and fan art, episode descriptions, cast and studio information, etc. And this information is all searchable from within Kodi.

For TV Shows, this data comes from theTVDB.com, you can check the show naming there:
– http://thetvdb.com/

In the next video I’ll go into some of the naming conventions:
– https://youtu.be/ipj7mij-aK0

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I think I am finally getting my main rendering PC back to normal. Had to work through a lot of issues and it seems to have reverted back to the original hard disk instead of using the SSD drive I normally booted off of. I think I’ll get this hard disk image set up as I need it then clone that to the SSD once I have all my files off that.


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