Lego Oreo Factory – Stop Motion Cooking

*No butter or eggs are used in the actual Oreos.*

Hello I’m tomosteen.
If there were a world ruled by LEGO, the factory in the video might exist.
This factory is my imagination, so it is completely different from the actual Oreo factory.

Thanks for watching😄

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  1. The fact that a stop-motion video is this smooth proves your dedication past amazing and the fact nothing moves in the background also proved you are very precise. Love them keep it up!

  2. I know many people would like this stop motion animation because they may find it satisfying or something. Now no offence but I sort of found a little bit boring. I saw how this stop motion was made and also I do stop motion too so I can see that the creator likely put in a lot of work into this stop motion bravo well done. I do stop motion also so that I can acknowledge other people’s work.


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