Mashed Potatoes Recipe

This simple homemade mashed potatoes recipe is rich, creamy, and full of flavor! It’s an easy to make classic side dish that goes with everything and comes together in a snap. You’ll love the garlic flavor and creamy, light texture.


These mashed potatoes are a family favorite. They are the ultimate comfort dish that goes with everything and is so simple to make.


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  1. Hi, I just found you and I think you are just perfect all or atleast the recipes I have seen so far just look amazingly delicious and I hope mine turn out as good as yours cant wait to try so many of them

  2. There is a way easier way than this. After chopping the potatoes. Let them settle in cold water so the starch will drain off them. Then after boiling them. Add 4 lumbs of butter and then mash them. Add bits of milk as you go until its creamy enough.

  3. Im 35 year-old and I’ve been buying those lil packages all my life to make mashed potatoes and thanks to you i just made my own mashed potatoes from scratch 👏 I’ll never go back…..thank you!

  4. Yoo?are your really trying to disrespect right now? That’s a masher you said it was a ricer..first off there no such thinks as bad mashed,mushy,squishy,gooey, obliterated wrong way…thats why there called mashed.. how is pulverize food wrong…you wanna give me the specs n the chemistries science in the process of digestion vitality n say oh you human being have being preparing food SOOO WRONG😑”get a ricer”it’s a $&%€#% masher..


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